“Reduced Fat” Ground Beef

This “recipe” is something I came across in Amy Dacyczan’s “Tightwad Gazette.” When comparing lean meat costs she found that the fattier ground beef was still often the cheapest, per lean pound. To reduce the fat content in recipes calling for cooked ground beef, such as tacos, she uses the following method (this is per pound of beef):

Once the meat is cooked, drain the excess fat off as you normally would. Then, using a slotted spoon, scoop the “crumbles” and place them on a large plate lined with 3-4 sheets of paper towel. Blot the top of the beef with another sheet. Let sit for about 1 minute.

Place the beef in a strainer and rinse, using approximately 1 quart hot water. Stir “crumbles” while rinsing. Drain for 5 minutes and then use in your recipe.

Done this way you can reduce the amount of fat by as much as 60% (depending on how lean the ground beef was to start out with), and not lose much in the way of nutrition.

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